University Lecture Survey(SG)

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Dear Student,

Thank you very much for attending the seminar held by Keywords Studios.

It's been a pleasure to meet you all!

We would like to ask you some question regarding this speaker session, this survey will not take more than 5 minutes to complete.You may also share with us your precious opinion so we can provide better content in the future seminar.

Please be noted that this is not a formal application, if you are interested in applying as a freelance translator, feel free to state it in the last question in the survey and you will be contacted by us to support you with the application.

It will be much appreciated if you can state the language pair you are confident it.

We are looking forward to hear your comments and feedback.

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Q4.Would you consider to start a career as a video game translator?
Q7.Are you interested in applying as a freelance video game translator with Keywords Studios?