Game Producer

Redmond, Washington, United States · Embedded Services · 85809-1


We are looking for a seasoned first party Producer who has worked with teams of artists, designers, and engineers to make high quality games. Primary responsibilities include managing the work of our release engineering team, drive the expansion of automation tests, identify opportunities to automate the release process, and evangelize engineering excellence. Key to this role is the ability to inspire and motivate, reduce risk, increase predictability, and manage a project end-to-end. In order to succeed, you will need to continually evolve, document, drive and sometimes create new processes needed to create a high quality AAA game. An attention to detail, being self-motivated, being flexible, and an ability to drive and influence is a must.

This team works on infrastructure.

Candidate responsibilities:

• Work at various stages of development to ensure milestones are delivered on time and to the highest possible quality.
• Create and maintain the project schedule; ensure teams are on track with their deliverables.
• Keep the team aware of milestones deliverables and goals through all phases of development.
• Identify risks in advance and drive the team towards successful resolution before the risks turn into fires.


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